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    Your generous donation to The Scarf Circle will be used to support World Scouting where it is needed the most.

    Click on the links to donate to specific projects: 
    Food for Life |  Ticket to Life | Supporting Dreams Fund | Emergency Fund    

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  • commented on Food for Life in Namibia 2018-11-26 05:06:16 +0100
    Everyone should have access to food though this is not a reality in our world. It’s great that Scouts are engaging in the accomplishment of the global goals.

  • signed Ticket to Life via 2018-11-26 04:59:04 +0100
    I believe this project can help rebuild the social fabric. I find it truly positive to include historically marginalized people!

    Ticket to Life

    The hope of a better future for street children

    The Ticket to Life project transforms the lives of street children and young people living in extremely difficult circumstances. Through Scouting, they obtain nurturing, mentoring, food and skills and are supported to continue their education.

    Donate monthly to Ticket to Life to sustain this project and change the course of these young people’s lives for the better.


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  • signed Emergency Fund via 2018-11-26 04:51:38 +0100
    Scouts have always been there when most needed… with the right tools and resources, we could have even a greater impact: support the Emergency fund!

    Emergency Fund

    Being Prepared to
    assist Scouts in emergencies

    When disaster strikes, Scouts are always amongst the first-responders. As trusted and skilled members of their communities, they are uniquely placed to assist relief efforts following earthquakes, typhoons and manmade catastrophes.

    Donate to the Emergency Fund before disaster occurs to equip Scouts with the necessary resources to immediately take action.

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  • signed Supporting Dreams via 2018-11-26 04:49:57 +0100
    It is important to promote young people’s initiatives and dreams, their ideas are transforming communities worldwide!

    Supporting Dreams Fund


    Every successful project starts with a dream

    Scouts work hard raising funds for their projects on the Scout Donation Platform. Thanks to the many contributions (smaller and larger) made by a large number of people, already 69 projects have been fully funded in the past 12 months, but this number can be greatly increased with your help!

    Donate now to help us top up the last 20% of projects that are reaching the end of their campaign deadlines and are not yet fully funded, to ensure that the project leader gets the full amount needed so their dream project can become a reality.


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