Boost your favourite projects with a "Well Done"

Do you like a project or the idea behind our funds? Add a "Well Done"!

With this simple action you are recognising the hard work done, often anonymously, by a large number of Scouts, volunteers and professionals. At the same time, you are increasing the visibility of the most meaningful projects of World Scouting. It is the fundamental aim of The Scarf Circle to obtain the necessary resources to keep on Supporting Projects, Dreams and Actions. 

We count on you, because every single action counts to create a better world!
Choose your favorite project among the following categories and give a "Well Done"!

Hint: This action gives you BP-Coins!

Every time you give a "Well Done" you will be rewarded with BP-Coins!
Don't forget to share it on your social networks and invite your friends and family to take action. You will earn extra BP-Coins every time one of your referees gives a "Well Done" as well. 

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