Ticket to Life

The hope of a better future for street children

The Ticket to Life project transforms the lives of street children and young people living in extremely difficult circumstances. Through Scouting, they obtain nurturing, mentoring, food and skills and are supported to continue their education.

Donate monthly to Ticket to Life to sustain this project and change the course of these young people’s lives for the better.


Ticket to Life was first introduced in Nairobi, but quickly spread to other towns and cities in Kenya. It then crossed international boundaries and is now run as a flagship project of the Asia-Pacific Region running in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand.

It is based on a peer-to-peer method using Scouts to interact with street children to gradually integrate them back into society. These children are marginalised, scraping a living on the streets, and often in extremely abusive situations, so the approach takes time and patience on both sides.

Scouts first work to earn the children’s trust and confidence, encouraging them to join Scout group meetings. Initial gatherings focus on cleanliness, health and hygiene, and the young people get to play games as children. Over time, some are able to take on leadership roles and assist with running the regular meetings. Where possible, the children are supported to return to school. It takes a great deal of persuasion to change habits and work with the children’s families, if they have any, to convince them of the long-term advantages of education, which is especially hard when those families rely on the minimum income many of the children bring in for daily subsistence. However, this project has proved incredibly successful over time, giving the children it has impacted on a brighter future and path to decent work and standards of life.

Ultimately, the children that are able to participate in Ticket to Life become enthusiastic Scouts themselves, and gain self-worth and the confidence that they can make a positive contribution to society.

Your monthly donations to Ticket to Life will support a great number of vital resources for this long-term life-changing project, including those necessary for the establishment of Scout groups for the children, leadership and skills’ training, health education, the provision of food at meetings, educational materials and Scout uniforms.

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