Supporting Dreams one shoe at a time

Ana, an 11 year old Scout, dared to dream of a way to recycle what she no longer needed as a gift for others. She asked her mother to help her to donate three pairs of shoes that were too small for her and together they established a project online to grow the number of donations. Others joined in and they were able to open 10 collection centres in the city.


Ana spent her entire summer holiday this year collecting and shining 108 pairs of shoes so they’d be fit to redistribute to children in foster homes in her community in Mexicali in Baja California. However, this was only part of the challenge, as once collected, the shoes needed to be cleaned, polished and have missing laces replaced, and this comes at a cost. So this year, she turned to the Scout Donation Platform to seek some support to cover the resources needed to clean and prepare all of the shoes (cleaning products, polish, laces, etc.). dona_tus_zapatos_viejos_2.png

The goal was fairly modest, but would make a real difference and ensure the success of this fantastic Scout project. However, it’s not easy to fully fund projects even with the support of the Scout Donation Platform, and in the case of this platform, projects that do not reach 100% of their target lose their funding.

As Ana was not old enough to have her own account on social media, she counted on the help of her mother to publish and promote her campaign. She also involved her school classmates and recruited volunteers to help out with the shoes, but to tell the truth, they were running out of time. Despite the hard work undertaken by this 11 year old girl and her team, the end of the campaign was approaching and they were struggling to raise the little money missing to successfully meet the fundraising target.

We are pleased to report that close to the last minute, when all seemed lost, an anonymous donor made a final donation which helped Ana to achieve her goal.  

“We are really grateful for the support of the Scout Donation Platform not only for cheering us on but also for all the support they provided. We knew that even though our goal wasn’t that big, there was still a chance we wouldn’t get funded, but we worked hard and reached it!”, said Ana.

Inspired by this anonymous donor, the “Supporting Dreams Fund” of The Scarf Circle will top up projects on the platform that have achieved 80% of their funding and just need a little boost to reach their total. You can be part of this chain of  solidarity supporting more Scouts, like Ana, to achieve their dreams and positively impact their communities. 

Donate today to the Supporting Dreams Fund, starting with as little as $1.00, and get engaged to help us spread the word! 

Together, we can make the difference for many Scouts around the world!




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