Supporting Dreams Fund


Every successful project starts with a dream

Scouts work hard raising funds for their projects on the Scout Donation Platform. Thanks to the many contributions (smaller and larger) made by a large number of people, already 69 projects have been fully funded in the past 12 months, but this number can be greatly increased with your help!

Donate now to help us top up the last 20% of projects that are reaching the end of their campaign deadlines and are not yet fully funded, to ensure that the project leader gets the full amount needed so their dream project can become a reality.


Despite the huge efforts made by project leaders and their teams, some projects struggle to reach their funding goal on time. Especially when their available networks have very limited resources and the needs are more significant.

The Scout Donation Platform works on an ‘all or nothing’ approach—which is important to ensure the correct execution of the project as presented. Many well planned projects that could make a difference for the children and young people involved cannot be executed simply because they didn’t reach their funding goal, which would guarantee the viability of the project. 

Now you can change this by donating to the Supporting Dreams Fund of The Scarf Circle while sharing your passion for Scouting by spreading the Scout spirit around the world. Your donations will be used effectively to top up the last 20% of projects that are struggling to reach their funding goal on time. You will make dreams come true!

Alternatively, your donation could be used to run a ‘matching campaign’, whereby donations given through the platform are matched, a proven method of motivating fundraisers and donors to act fast to double their impact and raise more funds for great Scout projects.

Because there are times when great leaders only need a little help to create a better world.

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