Stories from the field

Cyclone Kenneth Relief: Scout solidarity with the Comoros

On 24 April, the Tropical Cyclone Kenneth impacted in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa between Madagascar and Mozambique killing at least seven people and injuring more than 200 others in the sovereign archipelago nation of Comoros. Continue reading

Supporting Dreams one shoe at a time

Ana, an 11 year old Scout, dared to dream of a way to recycle what she no longer needed as a gift for others. She asked her mother to help her to donate three pairs of shoes that were too small for her and together they established a project online to grow the number of donations. Others joined in and they were able to open 10 collection centres in the city. Continue reading

Scout flood relief for over 250 families in Myanmar

  Last May, Scouts in Myanmar participated in a first five-day basic rescue training organized with Yangon Rescue Organisation. The training covered rescue techniques and healthcare services in emergency situations including CPR and first aid. At that time, Phyo Thura Win, National Disaster Management Coordinator of Myanmar Scouts, stressed the importance of rescue training saying “As Scouts is also about helping people, we need to know rescue techniques to save people’s lives.” As Scouts, they were keen to Be Prepared for any eventuality.   Continue reading

Food for Life in Namibia

Food for Life is currently running in 14 African countries. Here we take a look at what’s happening in Namibia with the support of Messengers of Peace: Scouts in Namibia are enabling their families and communities to achieve household food security and tackle poverty by cultivating food gardens to provide a sustainable food source to feed their families and the wider community. Continue reading

Discover Ticket to Life in Manila

Meet some of the amazing Scouts who have been involved in the Philippines Ticket to Life project in this video shot in Manila. Let their dedicated Scout leader Sophie guide you around their homes and work on the streets and then show you what Scouting means to these hopeful young people. Continue reading