Scout flood relief for over 250 families in Myanmar



Last May, Scouts in Myanmar participated in a first five-day basic rescue training organized with Yangon Rescue Organisation. The training covered rescue techniques and healthcare services in emergency situations including CPR and first aid. At that time, Phyo Thura Win, National Disaster Management Coordinator of Myanmar Scouts, stressed the importance of rescue training saying “As Scouts is also about helping people, we need to know rescue techniques to save people’s lives.” As Scouts, they were keen to Be Prepared for any eventuality.



Little did they know that their skills would be put to the test so soon after when Myanmar was hit by a tropical storm, which lead to landslides and flooding on a massive scale. The situation was grave, with hundreds of thousands displaced by the heavy monsoons and flooding, compounded by overflows in the drainage system. Resources were scarce and the Scouts realized the need for immediate action, launching a “Rovers in Action” project in the Kayin and Mon States with forty-four trained Rover Scout volunteers, initially funded through cash donations from fund-generating activities organised by several Scout groups from schools across the country.

With the funds collected, they bought, gathered and distributed vital basic supplies to the affected families: drinking water, rice, canned goods, medicines and even used clothing. The bulk of the relief efforts focused on Kayin Kawt Kyite, a distant village which barely received any help from the government, and they were able to meet the basic needs and provide supplies to over 250 families. The project ran mainly from 5-19 August 2018.

In recognition of their efforts and impact, an emergency Messengers of Peace Emergency Fund grant was awarded to the team to allow them to continue their project in other badly affected communities. In total, the Scouts delivered an impressive total of 2250 hours of community service.

Blogpost_EF_1-18_Myarnmar_Flood_Relief__-_TSC_7.pngAre you Prepared to Take Action?

Your support to the Emergency Fund is vital so that more Scouts, in countries all around the world, can “Be Prepared”—in the fullest sense of our motto— to make a difference when disasters strike.

Support the incredible work done by the Scouts to serve their communities during the Emergencies by giving a "Well Done" to the Emergency Fund

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    Nice.. it’s a fantastic project… Please donate and support 🙏👍 from India