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  • signed Emergency Fund 2018-11-28 03:12:52 +0100
    Todos necesitamos ayuda, debemos apoyarnos y prestar nuestras manos para apoyar en casos de emergencia!

    Emergency Fund

    Being Prepared to
    assist Scouts in emergencies

    When disaster strikes, Scouts are always amongst the first-responders. As trusted and skilled members of their communities, they are uniquely placed to assist relief efforts following earthquakes, typhoons and manmade catastrophes.

    Donate to the Emergency Fund before disaster occurs to equip Scouts with the necessary resources to immediately take action.

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  • signed Food for Life 2018-11-28 03:11:34 +0100
    Excelente que puedan enseñarles a las personas a tener una mejor nutrición y que generen capacidades para sostenerse por sí mismos!

    Food for Life


    Tackling food security in Sub-Saharan Africa

    The Food for Life project enables Scouts to help their families and communities achieve household food security by growing their own food in home and commercial gardens, predominantly in countries in Africa.

    Donate monthly to Food for Life to
    provide long-term support tackle food insecurity and feed hungry Scouts and their families.


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  • donated via 2018-11-26 22:05:55 +0100

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