Do my donations support a level upgrade?

If you are a member of The Scarf Circle, all your donations will be taken into account to your future upgrade including monthly and one-time donations and in the future also donations made through the Scout Donation Platform - to projects that successfully raised their funding goal.

When will upgrades take place?

All levels will be granted on January 1st and will remain valid until December 31st.

In case that the amount you donated was enough to level up before January 1st you will be instantly upgraded, and your membership will be valid until December 31st next year.

You will have more than 12 months to keep your level or level up again.

Do my BP-Coins support a level upgrade?

The Scarf Circle recognizes you for the time you invest in helping us to grow our community of donors actively by giving you BP-Coins every time you take an action.

If you also donate, your BP-Coins can push you just up to the next level if you haven't donated enough. For example: you have donated $280 in 2018, so your are at Silver Level but just $20 short of the Gold Level! If you have sufficient BP-Coins you will reach that Gold Level by 31st December.

After an upgrade do I loose any remaining BP-Coins?

No! You will keep the remaining BP-Coins. 

Can I be downgraded as well?

Yes! In case the accumulative donations you made during the year or the BP-Coins you collected were not enough to keep your level, you will be downgraded to the next lower level for the year to come.