What are BP-Coins?

BP-Coins are the virtual currency of The Scarf Circle that reward you for every action you take to keep the Circle active and growing.

How do I earn BP Coins?

BP-Coins will help you to measure your engagement and leadership, challenge your networks and reward you for taking part in online and offline activities reserved only for members. Get engaged by reaching out to your networks, by inviting your friends to sign up, by engaging new donors, by spreading the word, etc. 

You will also collect BP-Coins every time you recruit a new member or a donor as well as when the friends you recruit get involved.

Can anyone see how many BP-Coins I have?

If your member profile is public, then yes!

However, if you decide to keep your member profile private, you will still collect BP-Coins, but they will not be displayed publicly.

You are free to change your privacy preferences at any time in your account settings.

Can BP-Coins help me to attain a higher level?

Yes! BP-Coins will also assist you to get free level upgrades within The Scarf Circle.