Emergency Fund

Being Prepared to
assist Scouts in emergencies

When disaster strikes, Scouts are always amongst the first-responders. As trusted and skilled members of their communities, they are uniquely placed to assist relief efforts following earthquakes, typhoons and manmade catastrophes.

Donate to the Emergency Fund before disaster occurs to equip Scouts with the necessary resources to immediately take action.

From Nepal to Indonesia, Haiti to Philippines, Bosnia to Columbia, Ecuador to USA, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, Scouts have demonstrated that they stand prepared to mobilise in their thousands in response to all types of natural or manmade disasters, including typhoons, earthquakes, refugee flows, Ebola outbreaks and armed conflicts, working alongside other emergency-responders to provide a range of vital services.

Scouts are not experts in humanitarian relief of emergency rescue, but they are great leaders, so can use their skills to support expert agencies to do their jobs even better.

For example, in Haiti, following Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, 1650 Scouts conducted a massive door-to-doorwater hygiene safety and prevention campaign, educating and empowering their local communities on safe water usage and collection; and distributing water purification tablets to ensure clean drinking water for over 27,000 people in affected areas.

And in Indonesia, Scouts swiftly moved to action following massive earthquakes which first hit the Sulawesi province in early August 2018 and then Lombok Island at the end of September 2018. As trained responders, they were able to provide support for logistics, food distribution, and to assist with the search for and retrieval of bodies of the victims, numbering in the thousands, to ensure that as many families as possible could give a dignified burial to their loved ones.

Your generous donations to the Emergency Fund will support all aspects of disaster prevention, preparedness and mitigation, and will enable reserves to be built up before they are needed to fund resources such as sanitation materials, tools to remove debris, first-aid supplies, temporary shelters, etc.


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