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Cyclone Kenneth Relief: Scout solidarity with the Comoros

Scout solidarity with the Comoros

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The funds to be collected here will mainly be used for:

  • The purchase of building materials like
    metal sheets, rafters, cement, paint, etc.
    to support the reconstruction of Scout huts affected by the cyclone.

  • Equip the Comoros Scouts with basic tools
    to face these kind of catastrophes in the future.

  • Provide the Scouts working in affected areas with a Scout uniform
    to increase their visibility and help them stand out from other NGOs.

How your donations will help the Scouts during an emergency?

For the first 3 months, all monthly donations made through this appeal will support the relief efforts of Wezombeli, the Scout Association of the Comoros, related to Cyclone Kenneth. After this, they will go to the Emergency Fund of the World Scout Foundation so we can continue our work helping other Scouts whenever disaster strikes.
In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed funding requirements for this appeal, your gift will also go to our Emergency Fund. 

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