All About The Scarf Circle

The Scarf Circle is the monthly giving programme of the World Scout Foundation offering new ways to support Scouting worldwide. 

Your monthly gift will allow us to provide more resources to support long-term projects and will also assist projects on the Scout Donation Platform which have nearly reached their funding goal, but are running out of campaign time.

Give your support to the projects and Scout regions you care about

Are you concerned about the health conditions in Africa? Want to support Scouts to be ready to take action in case an emergency strikes tomorrow? You’re concerned about climate change and want to support environmental projects worldwide? Or you believe it is important to prepare Scouts to be the leaders of tomorrow? These are just some of the many areas you can support. 

Think about what is needed to make the world a better place and help the Scouts that are working to achieve this, sometimes with very limited resources. They are doing fantastic work around the world and with your help the impact on their communities could be even bigger! 

Get involved!

You can start by making a monthly donation to the Food for Life Fund, the Ticket to Life Fund and/or the Emergency Fund. In the next phase we will open a Leadership Fund as well. You can also make a one-time donation, but your impact will be much greater when you start making monthly donations!

The Scarf Circle has five different levels of membership, which will allow you to select the monthly gift amount that best suits you, starting with only $1.00 per month on the Junior level for our young members under the age of 25.

And there’s more:

BP-Coins, The virtual currency of The Scarf Circle
Start collecting BP-Coins!

Our multilevel programme will recognise you for your contributions and engagement. Thanks to this innovative system, you will be rewarded every time you make a donation, invite your friends to join, reach out to your networks or support the programme on social networks, receiving BP-Coins, our social capital or virtual currency, which will count towards your future upgrade. As every effort counts towards creating a better world, you will also be recognised by the contributions made by your friends! Find out more here.